My name is Scott Beal, and I’m a lecturer in the Sweetland Center for Writing and the Department of English at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  This Winter semester, I am teaching one section of ENGLISH 125: Writing and Academic Inquiry, one section of WRITING 200: Global Communication, and one section of WRITING 100: Transition to College Writing.  I am also working in the Sweetland Center’s Writing Workshop for five hours each week, during which time I will consult with students from across the university on their writing-in-progress.  I am delighted to be back teaching for the University of Michigan again after several years away, during which time I have worked in proposals and marketing for businesses, taught creative writing to elementary and high school students, toured parts of the country as a poet, and played many games with my two daughters.

This e-portfolio is designed as a sample for my Writing 100 students, who will create e-portfolios of their own in order to showcase the writing they do this semester.  The links in the navigation bar above correspond to the writing assignments my students will complete for the course and publish in their own e-portfolios.  In my e-portfolio, the links lead to assignment descriptions; in my students’ e-portfolios, the corresponding links will lead to their thoughtful and fascinating essays.

While my course readings and content have not been arranged with a particular unifying theme in mind, the course will be guided by a sense of exploration and discovery, as these are essential components of strong writing in any context.  While we investigate together disparate cultural phenomena, my students will also be discovering and refining their own voices and talents as writers.

Below you can find links for the course syllabus and schedule, e-portfolio guidelines, and a how-to primer on using WordPress.  Using the navigation bar at the top of the page, you can find the complete range of writing assignments for the course.

Wri100.001 Syllabus

W14 Wri100.001 Timeline


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